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Get to know BENILEY

Beniley Llorens loves making people feel beautiful and good about themselves. As a child, she tapped into the secrets of the beauty industry firsthand. Every day after school, she watched her parents work at their family salon in Guadalajara, Mexico. She soon learned that she could benefit from beauty care as she developed digestive problems which resulted in painful acne all over her face. Beniley’s bathroom became a mini pharmacy where she tried every product out there, yet nothing worked. Her battle with low self-esteem became the catalyst to her passion for helping others with their outside beauty struggles and inside self-confidence. After studying alongside dermatologists, nutritionists, and a variety of professionals working in the beauty and health field in varying locales such as Italy, Spain, France, NY and Japan, Beniley learned that nutrition is the base of all well-being and therefore changed her diet and lifestyle forever. She specializes in PRP  and her protocol it's known to be the best in the beauty industry . She treats acne ,rosacea, anti-aging and pigmentation. After working for a while in Manhattan NY , Beniley opened a day spa in Guadalajara Mexico and  then Spa in Miami. Today she is a   business consultant  in the beauty  and health industry, she   owned Beniley Spa, She has  developed her own line of skin care and nutritional line of  products in which she always keeps it simple and as natural as possible using the 5 elements: (1) good nutrition; (2) stimulating blood circulation; (3) LED; (4) hydration, and (5) PEMF/ Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields , Microcurrent and Neurotherapy .Beniley continues to serve as the Ambassador of DERMAMORFOSIS , the first ever scientifically designed three-dimensional skin renewal cream that uses NASA technology. 
"I believe that beauty and health is achieved from the inside out, and our brand targets those areas that need an extra boost, by providing crucial nutrients."

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